Convenience and Security




Access Control Systems (ACS) give building owners total control over the security of their facility. By issuing all employees and visitors with an access card you gain total control over their movement throughout your facility. A typical access control systems uses access cards, but for critical areas even biometrics can be used.



Benefits and Features

Aside from the obvious security payoffs, there are many transitive benefits to an access control system. You can easily and accurately track the time and attendance of your employees. No more punch clocks! Also, if a card is ever lost or stolen it can be deactivated and flagged in an instant. Contrast that with changing or recoring the lock(s) and distributing new keys.

An ACS also provides the ability to schedule the locking and unlocking of specific doors at a given time. Additionally, each and every time a card is presented to a card reader a log is made of that attempt, recording who and at what time that person requested access, and whether or not that access was granted. Alarms could be configured to handle a whole realm of situations, such as invalid access attempts, or the use of a stolen card. Security personel can then be alerted and take the necessary actions.

The swipe of a card can also be used to trigger other events, such as enabling a mechanical door opener, alerting nearby CCTV cameras to focus on the area, or simply just turn on the lights.

You don't have to have an enormous facility to benefit from an ACS. All you need is a front door and a willingness to provide the security and simplicity of an Access Control System to yourself and your employees.