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Prepare Your HVAC System Now Before Fall & Winter Arrive

Anyone who owns and operates a business in Winnipeg knows the pitfalls that come with the “fall” season.  It’s important to familiarize yourself with the controls to adjusting the temperature in your office building.  Some tend to run on schedulers that will automatically kick the furnace into gear at a pre-programmed time of year.

If you check and discover issues now is the perfect time to fix them. If you are concerned about your building controls, then it’s time to talk about the state of your current system the energy management that we can provide to you, including an array of options, to help optimize your needs and budget.

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The Economizer… What is it exactly?

Economizers primarily save on cooling costs.  It operates by shutting down the systems compressor and pulling cooler air from outside and reducing the load on the mechanical cooling system.

As part of the HVAC control system, an economizer is designed to save energy, typically reducing overall cooling energy consumption by twenty to thirty percent.

Here’s how an economizer works. Continue reading

Direct Digital Control systems can help you save money

Direct Digital Control systems (DDC) have become the standard for maintaining control of a facility’s critical systems.

At the heart of the system is a computer (or network of computers) that is tasked with monitoring sensors that report on building temperature, humidity, airflow, access control systems, and even fire and smoke alarms.  They respond to the data that they collect by controlling the various systems required to maintain comfort, security, and safety on the premises.

DDC systems are widely regarded to be more responsive than the analog pneumatic or mechanical systems that used to be the standard in control systems.  They are also much more easily interfaced to devices outside the building, which means they can provide much more sophisticated information when there is a problem, allowing for a more timely and targeted response.

In the past, a problem with the HVAC system might simply activate a “problem” alarm, and a technician responding would have to troubleshoot on site.  Precious time could be lost because the right parts weren’t put on the truck.  With DDC, enough information can be relayed with the alarm to make a diagnosis from afar, and ensure that the right equipment is ready when the technician arrives.

Because a DDC system can monitor any number of sensors to convey just about any type of information imaginable, they can be integrated with a facility’s fire and security monitoring system, meaning that instead of several systems working together to protect your facility, there is just one.  Simpler communications and a single point of monitoring mean a more efficient response system, encompassing anything from routine maintenance needs to a full-blown emergency.

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Energy Saving Tips by integrating Direct Digital Control Systems (DDC)





Energy costs are constantly on the rise, as is the pressure on building owners to provide more environmentally friendly spaces, which conserve energy without sacrificing comfort for the occupants.

At the heart of all good building automation systems is DDC – Digital Direct Control, a computer or network of computers tasked with monitoring building climate and adjusting the HVAC system according to pre-programmed instructions and the state of it’s sensors. Continue reading