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Energy Efficient Lighting Systems from BSD Solutions

There are quite a number of actions that can be taken to operate your lighting system efficiently and help save you money.

Throughout the day you can take advantage of natural lighting and reduce the illumination, or you could begin scheduling your systems depending on your needs and preferences. We could design a specific automation system that fits your needs and your budget.

The automated system from BSD Solutions includes a light sensor that is put in place and periodically measures the degree of illumination in a particular space. From there the output of the light is regulated so that a certain amount of lighting is retained as desired. In fact, tall these time scheduling and light regulation systems will be of great help all seasons round and not only in the winter.

Technology for your Building Control Systems


Motion sensors are great energy saving accessories for your building control systems.  They allow you to detect the presence of people in your facility, and make adjustments to your systems to ensure the comfort and safety of the building’s occupants.

Motion detectors can be used to as part of your automation processes such as controlling your heating and air conditioning levels in unoccupied spaces, which will help lower costs and reduce environmental impact. Continue reading

Lighting Control with BSD Solutions

Are you planning the construction of a building and not sure what your lighting controls are yet?  With technology these days nearly anything you dream of can become reality.

Lighting controls achieve two primary purposes:

(1) Reduced electrical costs,

(2) Improved worker health, productivity, and satisfaction. Continue reading