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Journeyman Electrician Careers in Winnipeg With BSD Solutions


BSD Solutions is Winnipeg’s leader in Building Automation Systems.  We are a full-service outfit, dealing with a collection of the industry’s leading vendors in the areas of access control, airflow management, energy management, HVAC and lighting control.

We’re always looking for good people with strong technical skills to work as engineers, installers, and maintenance and repair technicians.  We need enthusiastic self-starters with strong interpersonal skills and business savvy to join our team.

If you are interested in discovering your next career move to be with us, visit our Careers page on our website and apply accordingly.

The Right Building Controls Are Critical

The Phoenix Controls products make all the difference and when it comes to safety and savings they are superior to all competitive products.

We are in a unique position to provide the best possible solutions for all our client through our vendor partners, and our full integration services that match your unique needs.

Our desire is to actively participate in developing solutions that allow us to proactively deal with unforeseen issues and we are proud to offer 24/7 service through the various technologies available to us and our trained and certified professionals.

Connect with us today either by phone 1-866-661-4600 or online to get started by calling

Is my Winnipeg building too old for control systems?




Technology is moving at lightening fast speed so how does one know if their Winnipeg building is too old for control systems? Continue reading

Energy Efficient Management Tips

Winnipeg building owners, are you looking for creative ways to cut costs and save money?  Consider an effective energy management plan, it can save you 20% or more from your energy costs in an existing structure? And for new construction, you can improve energy efficiency by 25% compared to the model code.

If you’re like most building owners, these cost savings sound pretty good. So how can you implement effective energy management in your building? Here are three strategies. Continue reading